• "I highly recommend Dr. Danielle as I was totally satisfied and in awe of all her knowledge and professionalism! It is a great location for me and I hope many others in the Brainerd Lakes area see what a great business this is and utilize it!"
    Sarah L — Customer since 2012
  • "I'm impressed with the fact that I have been seen on time, no long wait beyond my appointment time. Shows me that my time is valued as much as yours. I am very impressed with the thoroughness of service. Doctor listened to me and answered all questions. I came in with high level of pain and left with much relief after adjustment. The progress made in just a weeks time is wonderful."
    Tammy S — Customer since 2013
  • "There are many Chiropractors and Chiropractic Health Care Affiliates throughout the state of Minnesota. This Clinic offers a true chiropractic healing practice. Dr’s Seth and Danielle are focused on your symptoms and wellness. This is by far the best Chiropractic center I have been treated in."
    Jerry C — Customer since 2011
  • "Dr. Danielle has impressed me more than any other physician I have ever known - with her professional expertise and personal approach. She listens and takes the time to treat thoroughly, thoughtfully and explains her rationale for each adjustment she gives. Sometimes the 'fix' is not rapid, so you want to know you are in the hands of a skilled and competent doctor. She's all this and more. The clinic is immaculate and relaxing and Joanna in the front is caring and helpful. Every visit will leave you feeling reassured you made the right choice."
    Pamela B- Customer since 2014
  • "I always thought before I started seeing Dr. Seth that I was getting good results, and proper treatment. I quickly learned that I was not getting what I needed from a provider. I highly recommend Dr. Seth and crew. Top notch, friendly, only get what you need to get, and very cost effective. They will work you in when you are at your worst, to keep you at your best."
    JD. B. Customer since 2013
  • "The staff at Sazama Family Chiropractic clinic is amazing, especially with children. They make your child feel safe and calm them when they are nervous about the adjustment. They are so sensitive, helpful and knowledgeable."
  • "Dr. Seth is very thorough in explaining what he's doing & why on his adjustments. Very good at what they do!! Really enjoy their level of professionalism & knowledge. They make chiropractic care make sense!!"
    Liz T — Customer since 2012
  • "Best care ever received from chiropractor! Listened to my history and health issues. Dr. Seth takes the time to explain what, how, and why you are having your pain & discomfort. Very nice and he relates to your health troubles. Following he explained and informed me how he was going to relieve my pain. I am feeling much better!"
    Bobbi N — Customer since 2013
  • "The Sazama’s have been nothing but very kind and professional with me. And I have been given several proactive chiropractic tips and exercises to maintain good overall health.

    Recommend them to anyone!"
    Brent F — Customer since 2012
  • "We enjoy the varied techniques that are utilized at this “state of the art” Chiropractic Facility. The staff here truly cares about your health and comfort levels. They make every effort to keep your costs affordable! More importantly I have experienced immediate results with each visit. Thanks Dr. Seth"
    Jerry C — Customer since 2011
  • "Dr. Danielle is wonderful! She is very sweet, gentle & caring; always makes sure I know what she is doing and that I am okay with it. The office is a very friendly & open environment. The receptionist is exceptional as well."
  • "Patients are their priority and concern. Dr. Seth and Dr. Danielle are both great listeners and are both very compassionate and knowledgeable."
    Keith W — Customer since 2014
  • "I can't say enough how good, friendly and knowledgable Dr. Seth and Dr. Danielle are, and the state of the art equipment they have. I always look forward to my visits. The rest of the staff is friendly and very helpful also."
    Lenny G — Customer since 2012
  • "I first visited the clinic somewhat skeptically--having never visited a chiropractic clinic before--but almost from the first visit, I was totally convinced of the benefit. And best of all, the treatments have totally alleviated my back pain. I've already recommended the clinic to family members and I'm confident they will have the same experience that I did."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Very pleased with your service’"
    Phillip W — Customer since 2014
  • "A great place to go. And my back has never been better thanks again!"
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "It was excellent. She focuses on the areas that the most urgent, but keeps up with the regular treatment. After my recent injury, I was treated with concern and kindness. My whole experience has been highly educational and very professional. Always willing to answer questions and deal with concerns I have. It has helped with my sinus issues and sped up my recovery time from my fall. I learn something each time I have an appointment. Thank you"
    Dawn B — Customer since 2014
  • "Best kept secret in the Brainerd/Baxter Lakes Area. Very friendly, proficient, and knowledgeable on best practices for patient services."
    Barbara D — Customer since 2014
  • "My appointment was very informative, professional and helpful. Everything was explained as we went along. I felt very comfortable with the appointment and treatment."
    Dawn B — Customer since 2014
  • "I was very impressed with the facility and staff. Dr. Seth did an excellent job, very detailed in the exam and well explained about the procedures."
    Layne D — Customer since 2014
  • "Dr. Danielle is the sweetest!"
    Brexten P — Customer since 2013
  • "My neck feels better and glad to know what my pain is coming from and it can get fixed by going here! Highly recommend! I feel so much better thanks to Dr. Danielle!"
    Sarah L — Customer since 2012
  • "Awesome and so good with kids."
    Abbigail L — Customer since 2013
  • "Very happy with my treatment. I feel great. Very satisfied."
    Harold B — Customer since 2013
  • "I have seen many different chiropractors that would adjust me, they got results but now my adjustments are holding now. I spent about 20 minutes with them after shoulder surgery and the already could tell me everything that was going on with my body even found things that no one else ever did."
    Gabriel O — Customer since 2014
  • "Growing up, my folks said this care was nonsense. I haven't needed to go "the" Dr. For years. Either Dr. Seth or Dr. Danielle will make your chiropractic visit worthwhile. Their care & knowledge is amazing. If you're considering chiropractic care.... Be sure to try them 1st & bring your whole family. :)"
    Liz T — Customer since 2012
  • "Dr. Seth is a great chiropractor"
    Kurt D — Customer since 2012
  • "Happy with the treatment. On my second visit I left the clinic feeling warm all over. The blood flow in my face and my legs was very noticeable."
    Harold B — Customer since 2013
  • "I felt very comfortable and confident with the treatment and how I was treated. Very satisfied with the care and concern you have for every single patient"
    Charity T — Customer since 2012
  • "Great like always."
    Derik B — Customer since 2012
  • "Dr. Seth is really knowledgeable and thorough. From the very beginning of my treatment for my brain injury I felt like I was in expert hands."
    Beth C — Customer since 2013
  • "Very knowledgeable and helpful."
    Melissa T — Customer since 2013
  • "Very professional, courteous and relaxing. If you haven't had a massage for awhile or ever, I would highly recommend you give Anna a try."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "The office was clean and staff were friendly."
    Erica W — Customer since 2013
  • "Excellent, as usual."
    Laurie C — Customer since 2013
  • "We love Dr. Danielle- she is so awesome with my 13 month old little boy."
    Bennett B — Customer since 2013
  • "The staff is really professional and the facility is very clean."
    Steve D — Customer since 2013
  • "Dr. Seth did a great job at finding me areas of pain and quickly relieving the troubled areas."
    Jonathan S — Customer since 2011
  • "I love this clinic."
    Kurt D — Customer since 2012
  • "Absolutely the BEST experience and wellness plan for my spine EVER! I am SOOO blessed to have found this clinic. Incredible pain relief the first two weeks!"
    Melanie L — Customer since 2013
  • "After two weeks I was able to do the things I love completely pain free biking, fishing, hiking :)"
    Pat Z — Customer since 2013
  • "I now only go three or four times a year to maintain my mobility and comfort."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Highly recommend this business! Dr. Danielle was knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to during the appointment! She was amazing with my son who has started going there too, and he is 8 years old."
    Sarah L — Customer since 2012
  • "Very pleased and thankful!"
    Bryan A — Customer since 2013
  • "As always my experience was great. There was hardly any wait time and was in and out of there in no time. Dr. Seth is very professional and I was feeling great in no time."
    Brenda E — Customer since 2012
  • "As a first time chiropractic patient, Dr. Seth was very easy to work with. His exam was thorough and the plan we established together is very easy to follow."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Seth is a good doctor. My visits are quick, and I do not need to go there as often."
    Alan S — Customer since 2012
  • "My massage was fabulous! I'd recommend it to anyone!"
    Kelli M — Customer since 2012
  • "Great first appointment. I felt relief quickly afterwards and when I woke up this morning was much less stiff than usual. Thanks!"
    Sonya C — Customer since 2013
  • "Great knowledge and excellent service."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Dr. Seth is always very friendly and puts you at ease. His assessments are very thorough and he explains each step of the process. Also recieved a massage which was wonderful. A very professional and skilled group."
    Cassandra M — Customer since 2012
  • "The staff at Sazama Family Chiropractic clinic is amazing, especially with children. They make your child feel safe and calm them when they are nervous about the adjustment. They are so sensitive, helpful and knowledgeable."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Very knowledgeable and great with explanations of issues."
    Anonymous — Verified customer
  • "Only had two visits. I have found Dr. Seth very pleasant and thorough with his exam and adjusting. I am hoping to have great results! Otherwise they have been great at answering my questions."
    Brenda V — Customer since 2012
  • "Very knowledgeable, listens to what you have to say, asks questions as to be able to provide the best possible "repairs" - I'm very happy with my chiropractic choice!"
    Kelli M — Customer since 2012
  • "I have had an amazing top of the line quality experience at Sazama Family Chiropractic Clinic. I so appreciate the comprehensive holistic approach that Dr. Sazama provides to his patients."
    Kim P — Customer since 2012