Dietitian Jamie Withrow RD, LD, CPT

  • Dietitian Jamie Withrow RD, LD, CPT

    Jamie Withrow RD, LD, CPT is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. She is passionate about helping people create the healthiest and happiest version of themselves using real food, intentional movement, and stress management techniques. Jamie loves to connect with the uninspired, the curious, and the struggling and help them create sustainable change in alignment with their health goals. Her 5 years of clinical experience allows her to improve outcomes and quality of life for many different medical concerns. Her athletic background and experience with plant-based diets allows her to effectively coach individuals with these unique needs.  She can often be found thinking outside the box, eating healthy fats, and dispelling food myths to bring clarity to daily choices.

    Services Offered:

    Start Here: 15 minute consultations - complimentary!

    Kick in the pants individual coaching 

    Designed for an in-depth evaluation of your nutritional and lifestyle issues that hold you back from your ideal self. Includes health history, goal setting, professional recommendations, and practical guidelines for implementation 60 minute initial session followed by 2, 30 minute coaching sessions for support to dig deep and find the motivation for lasting change. Expect to gain energy, save time, get off medications, and feel great again. Must be used within 3 months of purchase.

    À la carte Individual initial coaching visit (60 minutes)

    Continuing conversations

    Email based opportunities

    5 Day Sugar Shakedown Mindset Reset – Intro to intuitive eating

    8 Week Group Wellness Intensive

    Perfect for a workplace, a small group, or a workout accountability group. I come to you! Together we will explore our wellness goals, our daily intentions, and hold each other accountable to creating sustainable change. Topics will include nourishment with real foods, cutting inflammation, bringing awareness to our daily choices, gut health, and resiliency around special events.

    Fit4Birth Personal Training

    Corrective Exercises for YOUR goals!

    Holistic Nutritional Tidbits

    Mindset practice for birth and motherhood

    Are you expecting a baby? Let’s make the most of this amazing and empowering journey! Together we will work towards fewer discomforts, healthy weight gain, an empowering labor, and a quick recovery.

    Postpartum? ~Babies Welcome!~ Together we will work on healthy weight loss, improved strength, core stability, and empowerment for your new role as a mother.