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Posted on 02-22-2017

~We are excited to welcome Kristi Wikstrom, Biofeedback Practitioner. Kristi received her Biofeedback Practitioner certification from Natural Therapies Certification Board in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She also received her Certified Natural Health Consultant certification, with honors, from Stratford Career Institute.
Kristi uses a device called the Life System Quantum Biofeedback.  The Life System programs support the physiology, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a client's health.  The Life System simply uses ancient healing techniques partnered with modern day cutting-edge technology to clearly identify where the stress lies cellularly and then makes it easy to address the imbalance to bring the body back to homeostasis by then feeding back the healthy energetic signature to awaken and stimulate the bodies own healing ability.  It is calming, painless and very insightful.  Biofeedback is the perfect adjunct to every other service; to reduce stress, help the body off-set and create more adaptability in how the body is affected by stress.  Everything they're doing is more effective.
Kristi and her family have been patients of the Sazama's for several years now and couldn't be more excited and proud to be a part of the team.

Call 218-454-4545 today to schedule your Biofeedback session with Kristi at Sazama Family Chiropractic and Wellness!

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